Why Investing In Unified Communications Now Makes Sense

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Clearly the economic news over the past five months has been disturbing and at many times scary. So the question we ask is why invest in Unified Communications (UC) now and not wait until the recovery? The answer is straightforward, as UC not only pays for itself with a rapid payback measured in months, and at times as short as six weeks, but most importantly it reduces corporate operational cost by streamlining business processes. Steve Hardy Director Global Product and Solutions Marketing for Avaya joins me to discuss investing in UC now during a challenging macro economic climate. For any executive seeking both IT and corporate cost cutting projects, you need to listen to this podcast.

4 Debates over Why Investing In Unified Communications Now Makes Sense

  1. Tim Harder said:

    So Avaya says we should invest in UC “now” rather than weather the economic downtown? Now, that’s a surprise, surely Avaya is a unbiased observer when it comes to UC ROI :)

    In my experience the importance of UC in “streamlining business processes” is entirely overblown and overhyped by Avayas, Nortels and Ciscos of the world. Yeah, it’s a nice to have but would be very close to the bottom of my list of things to invest in this year, as a corporate CTO/CFO.

  2. Nick Lippis said:

    Why Investing In Unified Communications Now Makes Sense http://tinyurl.com/amxcvy

  3. Nick Lippis said:

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your comments.

    While I don’t speak for Avaya, Cisco, Nortel et al I can say that I have consulted to firms where they do receive the value in both short term economic ROI savings and long term productivity increase via business process streamlining, thanks to UC. As to Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Siemens and now Microsoft being biased, of course they are, but this is their business and they should be developing value around their products and services.
    The UC market is slightly down by some 5% last quarter so there are plenty of firms gaining value that UC delivers.

    I was just in the Caribbean with my family for a week where we did not have access to cell phones. The amount of time you have to wait and wonder where someone is versus sending them an IM or call was amazing. Without communications you can’t coordinate and be productive period. Now we all have our own priorities and for your firm perhaps communications is lower then most. However, most of the industry have put PC upgrades far behind that of communications.

    Thanks again for your comments.


  4. Dave Levy said:

    The benefits of UC and business process enablement all depends on the cost, complexity and ease of implementation. We have implemented many applications on existing PBXs (Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and NEC) where the initial cost including the custom application was under $5K and the payback is a few days and much improved operations overall. Unfortunately the big players look for complex enterprise style UC opportunites and forget the smaller businesses where there is huge potential for real savings very quickly.