The Network: Promoting Green Benefits to Business and IT

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By Cisco Systems

Virtually all large enterprises are conscious of the image they project, and corporate responsibility is an important part of that image. Green technologies represent an opportunity for corporations that extend beyond brand reputation and can affect overall profitability. In its 2007 list of “20 Most Admired Companies,” Fortune Magazine noted that “many of the Most Admired Companies are busy figuring out ways to think green and garner more greenbacks too. Do green practices always have to be about sacrifice, or can they actually contribute to a company’s profitability? Are there significant revenue opportunities or cost savings that can be realized by “going green”? The answer depends on how broadly you are willing to define the green practices that can be implemented to save energy costs, while reducing carbon footprint. Most discussions about green focus around energy consumption. That is certainly an important part of the overall equation. However, thinking beyond simple power consumption and considering how effectively and efficiently all energy and business resources are being used broadens the range of benefits available through green practices. This document examines several different areas in which a Cisco network can be used to realize some of those benefits.

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