Controlling Corporate Energy Consumption via the Enterprise Network

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By Nicholas John Lippis III

Business leaders are defining sustainability initiatives that reduce their electrical power consumption and CO2 emissions in an effort to not only reduce energy costs, but to also be respectful of global environmental concerns. To assist business leaders, IT suppliers are delivering products that consume less energy while offering new IT delivery approaches such as data center virtualization to reduce cooling and power demands. Cisco Systems has taken a broader approach to energy management by delivering a power command and control architecture called Cisco EnergyWise which seeks to provide business and IT leaders with the tools to measure, manage and control the power consumption of all devices connected to the corporate network. Further, EnergyWise seeks to connect facility heating, air conditioning, lighting and other non-IT systems—systems that consume the largest proportion of corporate energy—in an effort to provide IT leaders with the tools and means to manage their overall energy consumption. In this white paper we describe the current environmental challenges which confront business and IT leaders and offer EnergyWise as an important innovative technology to consider as part of their overall sustainability initiative.

2 Debates over Controlling Corporate Energy Consumption via the Enterprise Network

  1. ukdataguy said:

    I’m not sure that this will get much uptake. The initial deployment is for PoE devices only, perhaps more value will appear later. I would be more impressed if Cisco took a look at their own power consumption on their switches and routers. In the continuum of equipment providers, they are at the high end of the scale. As for devices connected to the network, Microsoft and other vendors have programs to optimize power use and APC has a power use aware power strip that turns off peripherals if the PC goes in to hibernation.

  2. Nick Lippis said:

    As the business architecture gains momentum EnergyWise will be successful. Its the only approach that monitors, reports and controls power consumption on a mass scale for both PoE, IT and non-IT devices such as facility lighting, AC, heating etc. It’ll take a while but it will get there.