Cisco EnergyWise

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By Cisco Systems

In response to energy costs, environmental concerns, and government directives, there is an increased need for sustainable and “green” business IT operations. Methods to measure power consumption and control energy output are now the focus of businesses worldwide, with all customers looking for a method to reduce energy costs and implement increased efficient operation. Cisco EnergyWise is a new energy management architecture that will allow IT operations and facilities to measure and fine-tune power usage to realize significant cost savings. EnergyWise focuses on reducing power utilization on all devices connected to a Cisco network ranging from Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices such as IP phones and wireless access points to IP-enabled building and lighting controllers. It uses an intelligent network-based approach, allowing IT and building facilities operations to understand, optimize, and control power across an entire corporate infrastructure, potentially affecting any powered device.

This white paper illustrates how businesses can utilize EnergyWise with a network enabled by Cisco to better understand the power footprint of their organization and how optimizing can reduce energy costs.

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