Delta School District Invests In Ruckus Wireless Solution

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Nick LippisLocated just south of Vancouver, Delta School District includes 33 schools spread out over 60 miles. Having initially deployed consumer-grade Wi-Fi technology, Delta quickly realized that it needed industrial strength management and WLAN performance to meet the needs of educators, students and administrators. Its first enterprise WLAN provider offered central management improvements, but Delta was only able to sprinkle single access points (APs) in most of its schools, equipping some with several APs and a centralized controller. Adding more APs meant adding more controllers and backhauling traffic from each AP to a central site over a WAN connection. Then Delta switched to Ruckus Wireless and gained a professional-grade WLAN system that could be centrally managed, was quick to deploy and offered unique design attributes thanks to meshing. Paul Parsons of the Electronic and Computer Services (ECS) Group within Delta School District is my guest as we talk about Delta’s business requirements, motivation and experience with a new WLAN solution by Ruckus Wireless.

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