Leveraging the Advantages of a Multi-Vendor Network Strategy

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By Foundry Networks

Today’s enterprise network provides more than simply a technology infrastructure. It’s an enabler for the enterprise, supporting mission critical applications, creating operational efficiencies and increasing productivity gains. While the infrastructure provides the very foundation for the organization and its initiatives, the business strategy must drive the development of the enterprise network, ensuring it supports today’s requirements while evolving to meet tomorrow’s demands.

A multi-vendor network strategy supports the idea that in order to truly align the enterprise infrastructure strategy with business requirements, organizations must be free to choose the solutions that best meet their unique needs and based upon open standards, not proprietary, closed systems. Business imperatives and strategy should drive network infrastructure strategy, not the other way around.

One Response to Leveraging the Advantages of a Multi-Vendor Network Strategy

  1. james said:

    I work in a tech company that has over 250 branches worldwide.We had a complex network connection but have recently shifted to Reliance Globalcom’s network which offers extensive topological flexibility for network installation.