Increasing Corporate Value Through Integrated Networks and Applications: A New Approach to IT Service Delivery Emerges for Branch Office Operations

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By Nick Lippis

Enterprise networks, especially branch office networks, have experienced a level of service integration over the past five years that has delivered lower acquisition and operational cost while increasing the number of services available to branch office employees. Branch office routers now include switching, WLANs, PoE, network security, WAN Optimization, VPN, unified communications and advanced routing which increase application performance over thin wide area network links. In this white paper we explain the next generation of branch office optimization, which is the integration of applications into the network fabric. The networking industry has started to open up its software in the form of SDKs and APIs. Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, 3Com and the open source routing initiatives are all allowing developers to write to defined router software interfaces. We explore its value proposition in detail and provide guidance to business and IT leaders who wish to exploit this new model for value creation and improved service delivering in branch office operations.

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