Scaling NAC to Campus LANs

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Steven SongThe NAC market is at a pivot point as a key piece of technology that offers a third deployment option is about to enter the market. This third option, based upon authentication and distribution of NAC functions across existing appliances and network infrastructure will enable NAC to scale across an enterprise from its early deployments of guest, wireless and remote access to headquarter and campus LAN environments. Most NAC appliances support two deployment options, in-band and out-of-band. In-band for small deployments and out-of -band for larger ones, but neither scale well for campus LANs. A new deployment option distributes device posture assessment, authentication and enforcement across NAC appliances, a radius 802.1x server and NAC enabled LAN infrastructure. This distribution of NAC tasks across NAC appliances and NAC infrastructure create scale to support large campus environments. Steven Song, Marketing Manager for Cisco Systems joins me to discuss NAC and how its maturing to the point that campus LANs are now being equipped with its defense mitigation protection capabilities. If you have requirements to implement NAC in your campus, then you need to listen to this podcast.

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