Adena Health System Gains Strategic Value Though IP Video

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Jeff KaplanMarcus Bost, Chief Information Officer, Adena Health System is my guest as we discuss how Adena is using IP Video to provide neonatal care to its patients in southern Ohio linked to the largest US Neonatology center at Nationwide Children's Hospital 70 miles away. Adena pediatricians are now able to collaborate with Nationwide Children's neonatology experts in full high definition real time IP video to assess and diagnose infants, review CT scans, X-rays and consult with Adena pediatricians on treatment plans. Mr. Bost discusses the above project from both a human condition improvement and economic perspective. We end the talk with a discussion on network readiness and future IP video plans at Adena Health System. If you're developing an IP Video plan then you need to listen to this podcast.

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