Intelligent Branch Office Communication Strategies

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Podcast guestsCustomers demand personalized and relevant brand interaction at every touch point be it on the web, call centers, online and particularly in-branch. The brand experience must flow consistently across these channels. Smart multi-channel retailers "“ especially those with traditional branch marketers like department stores, home improvement, retail banking services – even branch-delivered healthcare are realizing the value creation possible by investing in communications innovation of their core brick and mortar investments. This alignment of the customer experience across channels ensures consistently good customer interaction, increased productivity and ultimately – brand loyalty and increased revenues. Avaya's Craig Wilson, Principle Business Communications consultant and Bruce Mazza, Intelligent Branch Solutions Manager join me to discuss discuss value creation within Branch Offices though intelligent communication solutions.

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  1. Brooke Olding said:

    I’ve got this bookmarked for a better reading later, but just now I’m too busy with school and rehearsals to really focus on what you’re saying. I’m intrigued, but I need to think about it a lot more before I throw in my 2 cents.