NAC and Internet Protocol Telephony: Securing Enterprise Voice-Over-IP Environments

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By Mirage Networks

IP telephony imposes specific requirements on Network Access Control solutions. IT leaders who have or are planning to deploy IP telephony should ensure that the requirements to support and protect the voice environment are included in their search for a strategic NAC vendor. They should seek products from those available today that protect IP telephony and data infrastructure equally, and allow traffic to pass without added latency.

This paper identifies three main challenges posed by IP telephony and details how the Mirage NAC solutions resolve the problems. The paper concludes that NAC vendors should leverage their visibility model to provide additional value to enterprises with IP telephony environments in play. In conjunction with Avaya’s DevConnect program, Mirage Networks engineered and tested a set of IP telephony policies designed to provide base level protection for any IP telephony environment. These policies are available out of the box to any Mirage customer, and provide a valuable starting point to truly securing enterprise voice-over environments.

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