Has Protecting Networks Reached The Point of Diminished Returns?

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Charles Kolodgy, Research Director, Security Products for IDCCharles Kolodgy, Research Director, Security Products for IDC and Jim Doherty, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for CipherOptics join the Lippis Report Podcast to discuss network defenses and threat mitigation strategies that are effective in protecting IT assets. Charles Kolodgy believes that “protecting the network?” has reached a point of diminished returns. He believes that the biggest vulnerability that exists in most of today?’s networks is “protecting data?”. Charles acknowledges that there are two aspects of data protection: “data at rest?” and “data in motion?”. While many companies are currently engaged in projects that provide protection for “data at rest?”, most are neglecting the “data in motion?” aspect of protection altogether. I talk with Charles and Jim about this and all agree that it?’s time to pervasively encrypt data in motion.

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