Cisco Redefines Modular Switching; Launches Virtual Switching

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Ben Goldman, Director, Network SystemsBen Goldman, Director, Network Systems and Tere Bracco, Senior Manager, Network Systems both from Cisco Systems join the Lippis Report Podcast to discuss its Campus Communications Fabric 2 announcement. This is one of the most significant network infrastructure announcements from Cisco in recent years which launches two significant new products. The first is the Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System 1440, bringing simplified operations and improved network availability and utilization to the Catalyst 6500 through network system virtualization. The second is a technology extension of the Catalyst 4500, an extended line of modular switches called the Catalyst 4500-E Series, delivering greater performance and service flexibility. No company knows network infrastructure like Cisco Systems or listens to customers like Cisco does. While Cisco competitors try to leap frog technology to gain an edge, Cisco delivers solutions that are based upon customer demand and feedback and extend the investment they already made. The result is innovation on top of next generation technology. If you have a dual backbone network or are in the market for modular switching, you have to listen to this podcast.

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