Enhancing the WAN Experience with PfR and WAAS

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By Cisco Systems

As applications are being centralized and users become increasingly distributed, the performance limitations of a WAN such as limited bandwidth, significantly longer latency, and packet loss are seriously slowing down application delivery. Cisco® Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) and Cisco Performance Routing (PfR) can work together to intelligently optimize application delivery across the WAN-at both the application level and network level.

2 Debates over Enhancing the WAN Experience with PfR and WAAS

  1. Justin Lofton said:

    I work for a Cisco partner that is also partnered with Riverbed. In my experience Riverbed is the best of breed solution. In the customer bake offs Cisco WAAS is losing against Riverbed’s Steelhead solution. I have a lot of comparison data on all the competitors if anyone is interested. Forrester, Gartner, etc…

    Justin Lofton
    Systems Engineer
    Tredent Data Systems, Inc.
    Application Acceleration Information

  2. Nick Lippis said:


    Send me email nick@lippis.com if you would like to post the comparision data.