Forecast: Juniper Creates A Hurricane With New Enterprise LAN Products

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Zeus KerravalaZeus Kerravala, SVP of The Yankee Group’s Enterprise Research joins the Lippis Report podcast to discuss Juniper Networks and their enterprise initiative project; code named Hurricane. Juniper approaches the enterprise market tactically, entering market niches where they can add value. Not a bad approach, but a collection of niches does not sum up to be a serious enterprise provider. It seems that Juniper recognizes that it needs a complete enterprise product portfolio and seeks to jump in at the high end of the market by providing high density Gigabit and 10 Gigabit LAN products scalable to 100 Gigabit when standardized, based upon a new set of custom designed silicon, code named Hurricane. Zeus and I tell you want we know about Hurricane and provide a forecast as to its strength and the potential damage it will do to competitors. In short is Hurricane a category 5 storm or when it hits the market will it degrade to a tropical depression.

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2 Debates over Forecast: Juniper Creates A Hurricane With New Enterprise LAN Products

  1. mbruyere said:


    It looks like a kind of box from Force10 Networks, but I think with less port density and less maturity.


  2. Nick Lippis said:

    I think Force10 will be the most effected by this. Force10 has been over captialized and now it will face another huge competitor at a time when it should be looking for an IPO exit. Seems like its between a rock and hard place to me.