Safeguarding Our Nation´s Campuses and Facilities
A Dozen Best Practices from the Emergency Alerting Experiences of the Department of Defense

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by AtHoc

Campuses and facilities have accelerated their search for effective emergency notification systems in light of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech and the hostage situation at NASA´s Johnson Space Center in Houston. The Department of Defense has been using sophisticated emergency alerting platforms for years, and its experiences and best practices can serve as a valuable resource for any organization or facility looking to bolster emergency communications for a single or multiple connected facilities. From creating a multi-channel alerting network over an existing IP network to connecting its systems to other first response organizations, the DoD has set the standard for effective emergency alerting. This paper outlines the parallels that can be drawn between facilities´ current needs and those of the DoD, and it outlines the dozen best practices that should be considered when selecting an emergency notification solution.

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