How To Stop Cyber Crime From Ruining Your Company’s Reputation

Jim DohertyAccording to the International Crime Complaint Center or IC3 the number of cyber crime complaints has skyrocketed from a little over 6,000 in 2000 to over 1 million as of June of 2007 with a total dollar loss from these crimes, which are usually fraud, estimated at $647 million. Many of the complaints involve reports of identity theft, such as loss of personal identifying data, unauthorized use of credit cards or bank accounts, etc. The threat for corporations is that cyber crime not only steels its intellectual property and customer data, but its reputation and trust relationship with customers which have a much large material impact then the initial crime. I talk with Jim Doherty Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for CipherOptics about strategies to defend against cyber crime. This issue is too important not to listen to. Enjoy, Nick

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