Event-Driven Architectures in the Responsive Enterprise

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By Avaya

To be competitive in today´s real-time world requires greater business agility than ever before. Organizations and their people are working faster, and have to respond ever more quickly and effectively to real-time business events. The rigid silos that exist today between business applications and communication capabilities limit information exchange and impede enterprise agility. The good news is that new solutions are emerging that can flexibly link applications, business intelligence, and communications together to create a new class of synergistic business processes that increase the ability of an enterprise to respond to threats and opportunities.

Communications-Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) help enterprises enhance operational efficiency, worker productivity and customer satisfaction by streamlining human engagement in critical business processes. These solutions integrate with business process applications to predict and sense events, then respond by managing real-time multi-channel communication with process users and decision-makers. This speeds response times, reduces human delays, and frees workers from managing communications details so they can focus on making decisions and resolving issues before they impact customers.

This white paper introduces the concept of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and describes the key role it plays in enabling new business strategies for Communications-Enabled Business Processes. This is one of the best CEBP papers I have read.

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