Communications-Enabled Business Processes: The Next Change Agent

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David Butler, Director of Business Solutions...David Butler, Avaya´s Director of Business Solutions and Partners in Emerging Technologies and Julien Courbe, BearingPoint´s Managing Director of Financial Services Technology join the Lippis Report podcast to discuss the emerging communications-enabled business processes (CEBP) market. CEBP promises to deliver a new kind of agile and competitive organization that can respond to business events quickly, satisfy customers more deeply and in the process create competitive barriers of entry. But how will CEBP be brought to market? Is CEBP customized for every corporation or will there be packaged or partially pre-defined and integrated solutions? Find out by listening to this podcast.

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2 Debates over Communications-Enabled Business Processes: The Next Change Agent

  1. Lamprecht said:

    What is the ROI story with CEBP?

  2. Nick Lippis said:

    It’s a work in progress but from what I have seen ROI is being measured in months if at all. CEBP is usually rolled into a larger corporate initiative where it is one component of a larger ROI and TCO equation.