Securing Unified Communications

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Podcast intervieweesUnified Communications or (UC) deployment is well underway. With the IP telephony, telecommunications and application industries focused on taking their share of the emerging $35B to $40B annual UC market it is inevitable that UC will soon be a fact of corporate life. So the question is: are you ready? Is your infrastructure secure enough to support UC? What specific vulnerabilities need to be mitigated within a UC infrastructure? Is NAC and NAP enough or do you need more? To answer these questions I am joined by Scott Lucas Senior director of solutions marketing of Extreme Networks, Shrikant Latkar Director of Enterprise Architecture at Juniper Networks and Kamal Anand VP Marketing and Corporate Strategy of Meru Networks. It is a jam packed podcast that will help you keep UC flowing. Enjoy, Nick.

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2 Debates over Securing Unified Communications

  1. ziahydari said:

    Nick, do you have details on the $35B – $40B market size. Estimates I have seen sum up revenues from enterprise email, IM, voice, conferencing spend to cobble together a number. The details are usually not very convincing. Hopefully, you will be able to give a more thorough estimation.

    BTW, the podcasts on the site are very useful.

  2. Nick Lippis said:

    UC market size figures are based upon the summation of multiple markets included email, vmail, IM, a fraction of enterprise telephony and conferencing. As the market is in an early stage, its difficult to predict its size over some period of time. In short all UC market size estimates are just that, educated guesses.