Will The Microsoft/Nortel ICA Survive the Summer?

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Zeus KerravalaZeus Kerravala, Yankee Group SVP and I look around the industry and compare notes. We express concerns over the lack of progress that Microsoft/Nortel ICA has made. We touch on Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, ProCurve, Foundry and Force 10. Who is doing well and who is falling apart. Listen in to find out.

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3 Debates over Will The Microsoft/Nortel ICA Survive the Summer?

  1. raptaru said:

    Nick, I think you and Zeus both should review the ICA roadmap again and the associated dates that were discussed at the kick-off event in New York. It was clearly stated that true integration begins when OCS ships this summer (June time frame). Since June isn’t even here yet, isn’t it a bit early to be predicting the demise of the alliance?

  2. JeyZee said:

  3. Jill said:

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