The Chief Communications Officer´s Time Has Come

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We´ve received a lot of e-mail request that the Lippis Report newsletter analysis, the part that I write be available as a podcast. So we´ll try it with Lippis Report Issue 78: The Chief Communications Officer and please give us your feedback on the site. I wrote this piece because I´m convinced that there will be a need for a new position within IT executive management to deal with all the changes that are occurring in networks and communications. I´ve been writing about the network as a business platform which means that networking is evolving from a connectivity service to a service of services which is callable from a WebServices based programming language. Also Communications is undergoing a revolutionary change with unified communications and comm.-enablement. All of this change means that IT executive management needs to focus on it to extract the most value for their corporation. Without any future ado, here is Lippis Report Issue 78: The Chief Communications Officer

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2 Debates over The Chief Communications Officer´s Time Has Come

  1. Eric Schummer said:

    I could not agree more. That has been the role of my company for 5 years now.

    A perfect example of the truth of the statement, is that one of my clients, Applica conusmer products ( Black&Decker and other brands) produced a letter coming from the CEO, where he acknowledges the strategic value communications play now in this large corporation, as opposed to a few years ago, where an ex-stewardess was the telecom manager for the corporation. From 5 MM$, costs were brought down to less than 1MM$.
    This could only be accomplished by a deep dive into the business, the core, the business units, and the technologies available to addv alue to the business wether it’s voip as a trunk, or as an intelligent unified communications extension to a roaming employee.
    Add to that the aspect of global expense management, and the relation between convergence, business operations, expense management and infrastructure, and you clearly need a Chief Communications officer in the house!

  2. Nick Lippis said:

    Your comments ring true Eric. The CCO role will become more focused as the industry starts to wrap its collective mind around communications enabled business process or CEBP. CEBP by definition brings together business unit managers, process engineers and IT. Someone needs to manage this process if companies are going to reap the rewards.