Contact Centers Get Virtualized

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Zack Taylor imageZack Taylor, Avaya Vice President of Global Strategic Solutions, joins the Lippis Report Podcast to discuss how corporations can lower the cost of raising the customer experience through virtualized contact centers. Contact centers are being virtualized to expand an agents pool of knowledge workers that can service customers and quickly resolve issues thus improving the overall customer experience with the firm. How does an organization implement a virtualized contact center? What are the impacts of standards such as SIP, Web Services & SOA on customer service? How can a virtualized contact center enable enterprises to reach beyond the traditional contact center environment to bring more business assets and value into supporting customers? In short how does a corporation create a customer facing organization to deliver competitive advantage through improved customer experience? Zack and I discuss these issues and opportunities, site several customer examples who have deployed this model and explore how Avayas IP contact center enable enterprises to differentiate themselves from competitors and enable them to provide an improved customer experience. Enjoy, Nick

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