Empowering Branch Networks with Value-Added Integrated Services and Solutions

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By Cisco Systems

Today´s business realities are changing the communications landscape, accelerating convergence and integration. For example, the ubiquitous cell phone is no longer just a phone. It has now morphed into an integrated MP3 player, a camera, a camcorder, web browser, walkie-talkie, a storage media, an authentication device, allowing text messaging and e-mail : the capabilities are endless. Likewise, a computer is no longer just a fast computing machine, but a true multimedia end-point capable of serving as a DVD player/recorder, a VoIP phone, an audio player, a game machine, and even a TV, as well as a work system. Wherever one looks, the trend is obvious : integrated services and applications are being delivered in a smaller form factor, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency to the end user. Over the past few years, Cisco has assumed industry leadership in applying this innovative concept to a domain that is considered mission-critical: the branch router. The result is the highly successful Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) with over 2 million sold in a little more than two years. This white paper discusses the concept of Integrated Services as they apply to the branch router and how they help to create the empowered branch for small-to-medium business, large enterprises, and service providers offering managed services.

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