Cisco Integrated Services Routers: The Value of Integrated Security For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

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By Cisco Systems

Networks have evolved from closed infrastructures to integrated systems that enable organizations to work more closely with employees, partners, customers, and vendors worldwide by connecting and automating business processes and applications. Bringing applications to the Internet has had a dramatic impact on productivity and profitability – but it has also increased risk of attacks.

Security breaches can occur from a wide range of sources, including a company’s own networked PCs and servers. New worms and viruses are targeting network end-points. This is of particular concern to small and medium-sized offices, which often have limited IT resources to combat these challenges. Cisco Systems prepares organizations for attacks by helping them build self-defending networks with dramatically improved capabilities to identify, prevent, and respond to threats. An important component of the Cisco Secure Network Foundation and the Cisco Self-Defending Network is the new generation of Cisco integrated services routers. These routers are the first to deliver secure, wire-speed data, voice, video, and other advanced services to small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices.

This white paper focuses on the changing security landscape and the embedded security features of Cisco 800, 1800, 2800, and 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers. Market trends point to growing customer demand for concurrent integrated services in small businesses; this paper outlines the value of integrating security within the router. It also illustrates how the Cisco Smart Business Roadmap and a unique systems approach from Cisco effectively address security challenges today and well into the future.

This paper is not a technical deployment guide. Rather, it explains how Cisco is merging best-in-class network security technology with more than 20 years of routing expertise to redefine network security and provide customers with end-to-end network protection.

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