Voice-Activated PIN Reset Solution

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Costs associated with password resets are significant. In most cases, password resets involve the IT Help Desk who are skilled live agents taking inbound password reset calls from users. Password resets represent valuable time lost from users who need to regain access and IT Help Desk who restore access. Typically, the IT Help Desk will first verify user identity, implement the reset and finally wrap up the event. Password reset consumes 30% of IT Help Desk call volume (Gartner Group) and with a rate of nearly 2 incidents per user per month (Meta Group). This time spent consumes help desk productivity which takes agent time away from addressing more significant technical issues which are less easily automated. These more pressing issues tend to stay in queue longer while Help Desk agents tend to password reset tasks. A speech-enabled solution provides an efficient, cost-effective means to decrease operational costs and boost productivity, with a rapidly realized Return-On-Investment. Find out how by downloading this white paper.

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