ProActive Defense: A comprehensive Network Security Strategy

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By ProCurve Networking by HP

Traditional core-centric network architectures are not up to the task for today´s more frequent and potentially destructive assaults and challenges. These networks lack the scalability and dynamic capabilities required to handle current network security needs or meet rapidly changing business and technological requirements. This paper describes a better alternative for network security: a comprehensive security vision and strategy that arises directly from the revolutionary ProCurve Adaptive EDGE Architecture® (AEA), which embraces distributed intelligence at the network edge and takes a holistic approach to networking. The new security vision, called ProCurve ProActive Defense, is the first approach that combines proactive security offense techniques with steadfast traditional defense security techniques, simultaneously, at the edge of the network where users connect. As such, ProCurve ProActive Defense is expected to dramatically change how network security is deployed from now on. To find out how, download this paper.

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