Lessons Learned From the Largest Business VoIP Service Provider: Covad

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Ron MarquardtIn this Part Three Special Edition "essons Learned" podcast, Dr. Ron Marquardt, Director Broadband Access Technologies at Covad discusses their experience, both pro and con, about deploying a nationwide VoIP network. As the largest VoIP service provider for business, Covad had many challenges to overcome which many of their competitors are now just starting to experience. Dr. Marquardt discusses how Covad took a life cycle approach to their VoIP deployment and now offer three distinct and unique VoIP services. The first two podcasts in this series are available in the Lippis Report Download Library. This is a must listen podcast for corporation series about implementing service provider VoIP. Special thanks to Viola Networks for sponsoring the "essons Learned" series. Enjoy, Nick

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