Juniper Proves That Its Integrated Security Gateway Delivers Value

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Nick Lippis has a discussion with Lee Klarich, Director Product Management, at Juniper Networks. Lee provides an update to Juniper’s Integrated Security Gateways (ISG) with proof points from customers AvantGo, ADP and the University of Nevada Reno. They review the multi-processing, multi-tasking capabilities of the ISG and its competitive advantages. What Nick likes most about the ISG is its ability to virtualize firewall, VPN and IPS services and extend them to VLANs, ports, applications, etc., thus avoiding the cost of placing security appliances around your network. The integration of security features saves not only on capital cost, but on operations as well by having a single management interface for confirmation, control and monitoring and allowing the security services to collaborate in an effort to automate exploit mitigation at the application level. It’s a good deep dive into the network security market place and Juniper’s ISG. Enjoy.

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