The Lippis Report Issue 25: Thinking Shifts On IP Telephony Towards Applications

December 2nd, 2003

It´s official, the long anticipated rebound started last quarter. All you need to do is look at the quarterly reports from Dell, HP, Avaya and Cisco and you can see that growth has finally arrived in our industry. And while that growth is welcome news to a struggling industry, it is modest growth, at only two to three percentage points above GDP. But more important than just financial reporting, conversations are different and that´s creating a feeling of optimism that things are finally returning to some new level
of normal. You can hear it in CEO´s comments about the future, although they all admit visibility is cloudy. In particular when I talk with Chief Network Architects (CNAs), network design and planning has taken the place of economic efficiency-driven activities. The real shift in CNA thinking is an increased emphasis and focus on IP Telephony applications! What this means is that most companies are putting in place a new spending cycle, justified on PBX and Centrex displacement plus productivity benefits gained through IP Telephony applications.
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