The Lippis Report Issue 17: Remote IP Telephony Installs Drive New Wide Area Networking Model

August 2nd, 2003

Wide area networks are very slow to change, with the Internet boom of the late 90s ?¬¢‚Äö√ᬮ?√¨perhaps" the only exception. Large site connections are dominated by frame relay, but it took over a decade to achieve this dominance. And the telecommunications industry have been talking about broadband for over twenty years. But with all the economic fiascos of the last three years, broadband – both residential and business – is taking off and expanding rapidly. The FCC reported in late June ?¬¢‚Äö√ᬮ√Ä√∫03, that at the end of 2002, there were 19.9 million high-speed connections in the United States, up 55 % from ´01. While cable operators dominate broadband deployments, the regional phone companies have found religion and are investing heavily. For example there are over 200 people under Michael Daigle, VP network planning at Verizon Communications, that are chartered to install 10 million DSL lines this year covering nearly 80% of Verizon subscribers.
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